FERDE   DATA      
     We make pedagogical computerprograms for ages 9-99. 
     Our computerprograms give you knowledge efficiently.   

For the moment only two of our 20 programs are translated to English.
 - We will translate more later on.

WORLD: - A geography program about all the worlds countries, capitals, flags and car-letters.
You can compete alone, two or three. There are three knowledge-levels. As soon as there is a change in flags, capitals, countries or car-letters the program is updated.
You can also choose to run the program in French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norweigian,  Finish, Icelandic, Polish or Serbokroatian.

MINDMATHS: - Practise using minus, plus, division and multiply and combinations of them.
There is also a very efficient TEST. The computer automatically finds out which level you ought to practise on. - It doesen't matter if you just started school or if you are Einstein. - The computer will find the level you need to practise on.

Each program costs 10 US $ or 10 English £.

Just send us a bill or a check in an envelope.
Write your first name and familyname and address.

If you wish we can send you a Demo with email.
Please mail us and tell what you wish.

Ferdinand v Malmborg * FERDE Data
Solviksvägen 11 * S-671 33 ARVIKA * SWEDEN
E-Mail: ferde@ferde.se  

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